Swimming Lessons

Welcome to the new look SWIM-LINK Programme. Children from all ages can begin to learn this valuable life skill at Sportslink.

Classes offer a safe, encouraging and fun environment for children to learn and develop as they grow. Children as young as 6 months can start our Aqua Tots classes with their Parents/Guardians and then start our Seahorses assisted swimming class from age 3.

Once basic water confidence is achieved children can start on the pathway to developing all 4 swimming strokes; including front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly.

From Sea Turtles to Orca’s children are brought through games, drills and many swimming skills to perfect their strokes. Our 7 step process is designed to develop children’s swimming techniques to the point where they retain such skills as they grow up into adulthood.

Options to progress to competitive swimming, water safety and leisure swimming are all available following completion of the 7 step pathway.

Each of our classes will have a designated Swim Coordinator who will be assigned as a point of contact and support for both the teaching staff and parents/guardians where required.

Classes will be assessed Week 1 of a new term as well as week 7 or 8 depending on the term length. Assessments are based on a detailed grading of each criteria for each of the strokes/skills required at each class. Following assessments children will be advised if they have completed their current class and receive certification or if they require further work within their current classes. Each child in turn will be provided with a cert or a feedback card advising them of skills they need to improve on in order to receive their cert.

As this is a new structure with the goal to improve the service and devlop individual childrens skills at their own pace it is vital that each of the children start at the correct class. This can only be confirmed following teachers assessments on week 1. Changes may be required following these assessments.

Wishing all new and returning swimmers the very best in 2019/20 Swimming Year

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SwimLink Schools

At Sportslink we are dedicated to providing an aquatics service to the local community. Over the years we have worked with dozens of primary and post primary schools by supporting their physical education curriculum by providing swimming lessons to their pupils in a safe fun environment where children can learn this very important life skill. If you would like to meet with management to discuss what Sportslink can offer for swimming activities for your school please contact; daniel.fagan@sportslink.ie


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