Spin Combo

Spin combo is the best of spinning mixed with strength and conditioning to give you the all in one class that is sure to bring boost your fitness back. This class will be available in our sports hall allowing ample space to socially distance.


Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. All levels of fitness welcome.
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Teen Fit

Young and bored? Why not come down and try one of our tailor made youth fitness training sessions including; cardio, strength and conditioning. Suitable for 13-16 year olds.
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Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is a form of exercise which provides cardiovascular conditioning, increasing your pulse and your breathing rate. Aqua aerobics also helps to strengthen the body because the water offers resistance. Aqua aerobics is a beneficial all-over workout with a lower risk of injury than its land-based equivalent. This form of water exercise is also suitable for people of all ages, including older people, and can quickly improve your overall fitness

Aqua Tots

From 3 to 36 months old. Parent and baby swimming class. Improves coordination , balance, builds muscle and increases quality time between caregivers and babies.